Music Library
Click on the right to see the list of some of the artists in my music
library.  I have the listing divided by decade.  
The artist name appears in the decade that they became popular.
I have all #1 hits and other hits that were on the radio by the artists
documented on this listing.
Billboards #1 Pop Hits from 1940 - Present.

Click on the lists on the right to view the #1's in the
P.A.D.J. Music Service Library through 2013.

#1 Country Hits from 1970-Present.
"Most Requested" By Catagory:  Click a Blue Catagory below to view list.
Philip Alamond
Phone:  585-355-5569
I have a large Karaoke music library.  
There are approximately 7,000 songs to choose from
ranging from 1940 through 2010.

The Excel File has listing in ABC Order
One File by Artist and the other By Song Title.

There have been a very limited amount of Karaoke
added since 1/1/2011 since I do not get many requests
for this service.
My music library contains 110+GB of songs.....too many to list here.  

Please make any specific song request 1 week prior to your event.
Do you know the games Jeopardy and Name That Tune?  
This is my version.  It is a great "team play game".  This fun and
competitive game is suitable for family parties/reunions or any
occasion where you are looking for that
little something different
entertainment for your guests at a party.